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About Ashes

Ashes represents the death of an older self in the face of navigating love and loss. It’s a song about feeling a strong sense of connection
with the other person after they’re no longer around. Ashes tread a more barebones acoustic route than Mali’s previous offerings, combining folk and dream pop influences, whilst still retaining a subtle nod to the more mellow tracks on her previous album such as “Horoscope” and “Really? Not Really.”

Release Date
November 23, 2022
Written & Composed by
Produced by
Aria Nanji
Piano & Synths
Jishnu Guha
Jehangir Jehangir

Available Lyrics

Talk on the corners
We walk it off
Like a bad hangover
Taking longer than we thought
Maybe I’m a believer
That all it takes is time
And a complicated rhythm
Is a friend of the rhyme
Hope you’re happier now
Than you were last year
Head over water
Only just about
Don’t know what it’s like to drown
I’m way too young to find out
Can’t stand the sight of my reflection anymore
A walking callous numb from skin to the core

Hope you’re happier now
Than you were last year
Till the flames put out
And I have only ashes to inhale
And I’m here when you wanna talk
I’m barely the same
Since you washed your dirty linen
In the water of my pain so
Hope you’re happier now
Cuz I’m nearly insane
All rhyme and reason
Have lost their meaning
I’m sick of feeling like
I’m over and out like
Fuel to the fire
We now aspire

To rid each other from within and without
Sorry for asking but I’m riddled in doubt

So. Are you happier now than you were last year?

Now the flame’s put out
And we have only ashes to share
And we’re here making smaller talk
We’re both on the mend

Keeping it together just so we can both pretend that

We’re happier now
And this is where we remain

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